Defect Surveys

Track Consulting continues to undertake surveys and provide corresponding reports to identify potential defects at the completion of the 12-year construction defect period. This process involves a review of the contractual requirements associated with defects, before completing a full survey of both the building fabric and its M&E services. The handover of large PFI schemes is often completed across a number of phases, so Track has worked alongside clients over several years to produce a series of reports for various construction periods.

As part of this report process, Track assists in the identification of responsibility to resolve potential defects. In a number of instances, following the completion of defect reviews, Track has been retained for the management of intrusive inspections to further investigate identified issues.

Condition Surveys

Track has been appointed to undertake full site condition surveys across a number of large-scale schemes. In certain instances, this has been utilised to produce either a five-year lifecycle works plan, or a full lifecycle remodel.

Track’s condition survey offers an independent inspection of the state of building fabric and its M&E services at a given moment in time. All assets are assessed against a pre-determined scoring system, which provides an evaluation and description of their condition, highlighting required works, remedial costs, and any recommendations for further investigations.

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