Operational Phase Management

Track’s unique ability to forge strong relationships with multiple stakeholders, while ensuring contractual obligations are satisfied and risks suitably managed, has meant that Track has been appointed to undertake operational phase PFI management for a range of projects.

Keeping the SPV fully informed with open and honest communication, Track has successfully managed several operational facilities. Track’s skill in this field was recognised with the PFI award for the best operation hospital scheme.

Operational Phase Remedial Works

Due to the bespoke nature of Track’s project management service, Track has also managed a range of remedial work schemes. Recently, Track project managed remediation works associated with disturbance damage at a prison site. This project was conducted as an urgent response, with tight timeframes for both the identification of works and the construction period for physical rectification.

Fire Remedial Works

Track Consulting has been appointed to manage both the identification of contractual fire compartmentation, as well as the remediation of issues, in a number of PFI sites across the UK. Prior to commencement on-site, Track works closely with the FM provider to review existing documentation, before liaising with industry experts to establish and instruct any required updates. Track then manages an on-site survey against fire strategy information to identify a list of issues, before tendering and overseeing physical rectification works.

Track Consulting understands the sensitive nature of these projects, and works tirelessly to ensure construction works are completed accurately and efficiently, with formal sign-off achieved from the correct authorities.

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