Lifecycle Assessment & Remodelling

Track has produced ‘enhanced lifecycle assessment’ reports for a variety of clients, including several large-scale PFI group projects. This process includes a detailed contractual review to establish lifecycle replacement responsibility, supported by a full condition survey of both the building’s fabric and its M&E services.

Track uses this condition survey data, alongside additional information (such as a defects log, helpdesk calls, and damage statistics), to create a ‘bottom-up’ (asset-by-asset) revised lifecycle model. This model takes into account requirements and restrictions on both delivery and operation in the identified locations, as well as formal contractual obligations, such as handback tests.

Lifecycle Sufficiency

The lifecycle model produced by Track has also been used to assess the sufficiency of current lifecycle funds. Should it be deemed necessary, Track has also successfully managed, alongside the funder’s technical adviser, the process of revising the lifecycle model and ensuring its acceptance and incorporation into the Project Agreement.

Lifecycle Management

Track continues to provide an ongoing lifecycle management service, which includes the identification, procurement, project management, and contractual and financial oversight of both minor and major lifecycle replacement schemes.

Track Consulting is currently undertaking this role in a large secure MOJ environment. This role includes the ongoing review and alteration of the lifecycle model, alongside the associated management of the lifecycle fund. As part of this responsibly, Track Consulting undertakes a yearly condition survey to help identify required works to be incorporated within the lifecycle model.

Portfolio Review

As part of Track Consulting’s wider enhanced lifecycle review process, an individual and collective review of selected assets can be produced showing individual project information in addition to collective portfolio lifecycle figures. This review acts as a management tool providing evidence of lifecycle sufficiency, as well as the necessary level of information to explore portfolio-wide procurement options.

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