Whittington PFI Hospital

With Whittington Hospital PFI now in its operational period, Track was asked to join the Special Purpose Vehicle Board as a Non-Executive Director providing technical support to Lloyds Banking Group, and continues to provide this service.

The client was keen to draw on the experience that Track has gained in bidding and managing PFI projects across a range of sectors since 2000.

Carmarthen A&E

The Carmarthenshire NHS Trust again called on Track Consulting’s clerks of works when it was reconfiguring its A&E department to accommodate 50,000 attendances.

The work had to be complete within a tight timescale without disrupting the operation of the hospital. Health Building Note 22, Accident & Emergency Facilities, was updated just as the development work started which envisaged a completely new approach to dealing with emergency patients; this was the first facility in Wales to be designed in-line with the new guidance.

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